Youngstown -Ambulance And Health Services

Youngstown in Ohio is a city with big ambitions about its future. This is evident in its attempts to bring in new business and help with the Healthy Ohio scheme. The city has some different health care providers within its boundaries. The aim of the Ohio Department of Health is simple: “To protect and improve the well-being of all Ohioans by limiting disease, promoting good health and assuring access to quality health care.” This aim is reflected in the actions of many Youngstown programs and facilities. This means available dental, pediatric and physical health care as well as more specialist services.


This guide to the health care service that is available in Youngstown will look at some of the departments and programs in the city. This should shed more light on those that are responsible for keeping this part of Ohio healthy. There are the state-run initiatives from the county and city, as well as some privately run organizations. Each service, from drug testing to STD testing and primary care offers a helpful approach.Then there are all of the different ambulance service providers for emergency and non-emergency transportation.