Cincinnati – Ambulance And Health  Services

Cincinnati in one of the largest cities in Ohio with a large urban and suburban population. This means thousands of adults and children looking for the best medical service that the city and Hamilton County can provide.

The city of Cincinnati is lucky to have its official health department, as well as state-run schemes and local community services. The Cincinnati Health Department operates seven Primary Care Health Centers where patients can benefit from a range of services.


In addition to this, there is a free-standing dental center and free-standing vision and dental center for more specialized needs. There are also eleven School-Based Health Centers across the city to improve access to pediatric care.

This guide to the health care services of Cincinnati will take a closer look a the services of these primary care centers. This means looking at the different bodies and departments that are in charge as well as some specific services.

There is a different experience to be had with different organizations. This is true of STD and drug testing, but also of the ambulance services.