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Buffalo – Ambulance And Health Services

Buffalo is a New York city with an excellent reputation when it comes to healthcare. The region is covered by public health services as well as two respected private healthcare system. This results in a choice of eight private hospitals, three public, Erie County hospitals and numerous clinics. The Gates Vascular Institute is one of the best-ranked facilities for research into strokes. The Erie County Medical Center is the best in Western New York for burn care and trauma. Finally, Roswell Park is seen as one of the leading treatment and research centers for cancer.


All of this high praise from the American medical community means that there are high hopes for the quality of care in this city. These broad hospitals and research centers are the ones making the headlines, but it is often the smaller services that communities are interested in. This guide to the health care services provided in Buffalo will look at the different companies, directories and services are available. This will focus on STD testing and drug testing. First, we shall look at some of the ambulance service providers in the region and the different services that they provide.