Central New York Syracuse

Syracuse- Ambulance And Health Services

New York State is divided into some very diverse counties with some highly individual cities. Syracuse lies in the Central part of New York and falls under the jurisdiction of the Onondaga Department of Health. In addition to determining the best possible service provisions for the people of Syracuse, they must also follow the guidelines of the state. On a state-wide level, this means a focus on Medicaid, medical marijuana, drinking water, injection safety, synthetic marijuana and breast cancer programs.


These are the current topics of interest in New York, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other services in Syracuse. The commitment to free, affordable health care and a range of options means that patients have a lot of choice and opportunity.

There is a focus on family-level education, provision, and treatment in vulnerable communities. This means a broad spectrum of accessible programs for drug testing, STD testing and much more. There is also a range of ambulance services in the region.