Kentucky – Health And Ambulance Services

The state of Kentucky is going through some changes when it comes to healthcare, but there are still plenty of services. There is a tiered system in Kentucky with some stages. On a state level, there is the Kentucky Department of Health and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Local county departments then regulated more localized services. In 1987, The Kentucky County Heath Departments Association merged with the Kentucky District Health Department Association for a more streamlined process. Every county and major city have its hospitals, clinics, and ambulance services. In the end, it comes down to the smallest of non-profit organizations providing care for local communities in need.

Kentucky Services

This guide to health services in Kentucky will look at some of the different services that are available in the different counties. It will start by taking a look at the various approaches of some of the ambulance providers across the state. Then it will take a closer look at some of the organizations and departments providing services in these counties. Finally, there will be a more detailed look at STD testing and drug testing.