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The Onondaga Department of Health drives many of the initiatives and services in this area of New York State. The department is committed to providing clinic and screening services for low residents at a low cost. These services include:

  • family planning
  • pregnancy testing,
  • lead testing
  • immunizations
  • STD testing
  • TB treatment
  • rabies shot clinics

The latter is an interesting example of the family-friendly ethos of this Onondaga department. They are just as happy to offer advice and screening for pets so that the whole family is covered.

In addition to this, some facilities and services are unique to Syracuse itself. The Syracuse Community Health Center provides services to 16 different sites across the city. The aim is to provide health care for at-risk populations. This means the poor, single parents, the elderly and Medicaid recipients. They are currently the primary health care provider for more than 40,000 people in the city, with sites in eight of the city schools.

This attempt to cater for the forgotten minorities highlights why services like free STD testing and disease awareness programs are so important. STD testing is taken seriously in New York with a focus on prevention and HIV awareness. This is an important part of the official STD clinic for the Onondaga Department of Health.

This center is located at John H. Mulroy Civic Center, 421 Montgomery Street, and offers free tests on a drop-in basis. There is also the Planned Parenthood clinic at Syracuse Health Center for those that would rather not attend this state-run center.

New York state law allows businesses that are not affiliated with the government to conduct random drug testing on employees. They can request that employers test for drug and alcohol use and use the result to determine any need for a dismissal.

These rules mean that there are some drug testing facilities in Syracuse, including big names such as Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. LabCorp in East Syracuse is popular because of the comprehensive nature of the testing and professional nature. This lab is one of many National Drug Screening centers in the area. This also includes ExamOne Syracuse, Industrial Medical Associates, P.C in North Syracuse, EMSI-and two Quest Diagnostics locations.

Finding The Best Health Services In Syracuse.

There are lots of health service providers in Syracuse for a range of different subjects. One for the great things about this city is that there are accessible, affordable options in most neighborhoods. This applies to drug testing, sexual health, cancer screening, ambulances and much more. The balance between community-level provision and state level initiatives is essential for future progress.

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