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Buffalo – Health Services

The majority of health services for residents in Buffalo will come under the jurisdiction of the Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH). This county-wide department promises to “promote and protect the health, safety, and well-being of Erie County residents” with a focus on “active prevention, education, enforcement, advocacy, and partnerships.” This is where residents can come to get information on state-run schemes and initiatives on a range of subjects. The education element is crucial as the ECDOH acts as an advisory body for the county and people of Erie.

However, this is far from the only agency in Erie, or indeed the Buffalo area, to provide health care services. As was mentioned above, there are two major private agencies in the city. Catholic Health runs the Mercy Hospital of Buffalo and Sisters of Charity Hospital. Kaleida Health oversees the General Medical Center and Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. In addition to this, patients can also take advantage of Evergreen Health Services. This resource was established locally to provide health care, care coordination, counseling, testing and pharmaceutical services in Buffalo.

The official STD testing center for Erie County is located in Buffalo. The Jesse Nash Health Center, at 608 William Street has morning and afternoon session on a first-come-first-served basis. Spaces are limited, but it is a state-run service provided for free. The best alternative for patients that cannot make it to this center is the Planned Parenthood clinic. The Buffalo Health Center holds an official branch of this national chain, and anyone can drop in. The specialized team can offer testing and information on a range of STIs, as well guidance on safe practice, pregnancy, and abortion.

Workplace drug testing is legal in New York state. This means that companies are permitted to carry out random tests if they feel that it is in their best interests. There are some facilities in Buffalo that can carry out these tests in a professional manner. They include Aurora Drug Testing Service, Pulse Occupational Medicine, and Buffalo Quest Diagnostics. Quest Diagnostics are the leading figure in drug tests in Buffalo, with four locations including Delaware Place Plaza. This fully accredited leader in instant drug testing services provides a wide range of panels and solutions.

Finding The Right Healthcare Service In Buffalo.

The great thing about Buffalo’s health care options is not the high-standard of the research but the range of options. The blend of public and private services in this city means that there is the choice. Citizens should be able to find the service that suits them. There are plenty of directories and ambulance providers to guide them in the right direction

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