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Cincinnati – Ambulance Services

There are some different providers of ambulances in Cincinnati. Some are fairly low-level operations with a community feel for local transportation and support. Others are linked to specific medical institutions, such as those from Bethesda Hospital and The Hamilton County Doctors Urgent Care Office. Bethesda Hospital has 28 provided by Patient Transport Services, 4 of which are MICU units.

Then there are those that are privately owned, big business operations on a wider scale. These include well-known names such as Rural/Metro. The service provider that patients choose with ultimately depend on their needs.

Some are focused solely on emergency care and 911 calls. Others are more varied and have non-emergency services too. Rural/Metro may be the obvious choice in some cities, but other options can provide great service with great equipment.

Mercy Ambulance Sertvices

A great example of the latter is Mercy Health. This is a fairly new operation, having been created in a merger joint between Mercy Health System and Community EMS. The Mercy Health Medical Transportation ambulances provide a range of services.

There are non-emergency and wheelchair options for those traveling between clinics or going to appointments. There are Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Mobile Intensive Care Unit options depending on the severity of the condition. Then there are event stand-by services where ambulances are placed on duty at events with large crowds.

Mercy Health is a great example of how an Ohio ambulance service. It  can build into a large figure in the medical sector. They now cover a range of options for numerous patients across the Cincinnati area. Allied Ambulance Services is at the other end of the scale right now.

It has a small group of staff and is still fairly low-level. This is partial because they have a different focus with their operation. This company doesn’t offer any emergency transportation. Instead, they work within the Local & Suburban Transit & Interurban Highway Transportation sector.

Further Information On Some Of These Ambulance Services In Cincinnati

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