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Syracuse – Ambulance Services

Syracuse’s city status and place in New York states mean that it is lucky enough to have a range of ambulance providers. There are the big name private companies providing emergency services with great equipment. At the same time, there are low-level operations for non-emergency options.

Rural/Metro has many boastful claims to its name after spreading its wings across the US. It proudly calls itself a “recognized leader in 911 emergency ambulance services” and there are now numerous cities and smaller neighborhoods that have come to depend on this company.

The sense of security offered by this national, private company is essential when dialing for emergency transportation. This is the primary care aim of Rural/Metro. They provide emergency call-outs across New York state and Syracuse for fast response and high-end services.

This is all largely down to the choice of equipment on offer. The success of this company has lead to some impressive profits. These profits were then invested in the very best equipment they could get. The result is some of the most impressive ambulances in the whole of Syracuse.

Ambulance Services : Navac

Rural/Metro may be the most well-known name when it comes to emergency transportation in NY, but they are not the only one. North Syracuse has been home to an organization called NAVAC since 1970. Over the past forty years, it has expanded to a city-wide operation dealing with emergency calls and transportation.

They had a strong team of volunteers and trained staff taking calls for emergency care needs and transportation. This service provides call-outs, non-emergency transportation, stand-by medical cover and first aid classes.

As the team and equipment were developed, so did their capabilities as a service provider. They may not have the same state-of-the-art equipment as Rural/Metro, but they are catching up.

Further down the ladder is another Syracuse company with a slightly different approach. While the former options offer emergency transportation and services, Empire is all about non-emergency services. These services are just as important in a city like this.

Patients need to travel between departments or to clinics and often aren’t able to do so themselves. Empire had a fleet of ambulances and adapted vans and mini-vans. They use these vehicles to transport patients to their destinations in comfort and security. The promise low-priced services for the physically challenged and senior citizens in central and southern New York.

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