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Rochester – Ambulance Services

The ambulance service providers in Rochester are quite varied in their approach. Each company that is mentioned here provides an excellent service to care; they just have different methods and services.

There are many private, nationwide companies operating in Monroe County, as is the case in many major cities and suburban areas of America. Then there are the state-focused services that offer high-emergency care on a more local basis. Finally, there are those that are more community minded, often using volunteers.

Rural/Metro is an excellent example of the former. This company has been in operation across America for a long time now and is paving the way for other operators.

This is simply down to the fact that this nationwide provider has invested so heavily in the best fleet of ambulances with the best equipment. There is a high-end feel to Rural/Metro that means that there are no doubts about the quality of care. The paramedics have everything they need on board for all emergencies.

Health Services: Rural Metro

Rural/Metro is primarily focused on high-emergency transportation for 911 calls and life-threatening emergencies. Monroe Ambulance goes a little further with a bigger list of services.

They include advanced life support, basic life support, mobile ICU support, Neonatal ICU support, stand by services and medics on bikes. Those high-tech ambulances are great in the leading emergencies, but it is often the medics on bikes that reach an accident first.

This is where this Monroe County service shines. This is a county-wide operation, but it has seen its fair share of incidents in this major city.

Rochester residents cannot forget about the other side of ambulance services – the community service. Gates Town volunteer ambulance is a great example of what can be achieved through a volunteer program.

This service has their headquarters in Elmgrove Road, the second station on Buffalo Road and a third in Spencerport. This organization has continued to grow and develop and now has a team o f just over 200 professionally-trained responders on staff. Emergency transportation is a big part of the service, but so are their community clinic and safety talks.

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