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Kentucky – Ambulance Services

The state of Kentucky has numerous ambulance providers, and they tend to be split by county. Some of the operators that are mentioned below are localized services with a charitable or non-profit agenda. Others are bigger, more well-known companies. Most of the providers are focused purely on the provision of emergency transportation during 911 calls. Others have branched out and have other, non-emergency services that they provide.

Rural/Metro is a self-proclaimed “national leader” in the world private ambulance services. The fact that this company now operates coast to coast suggests that this is deserved. Their growth and commitment to new technology and services mean that many major cities on the west coast are singing their praises. This is now true in Kentucky too. Their innovative tech says that emergency patients across the state, in the busiest cities, can be sure of the best care. They call themselves the logical choice, and it is hard to argue.

However, there are other services out there for different needs. An ambulance can do more than provide emergency care for 911 calls. There is a sense of competition in the ambulance industry of Kentucky. Service providers compete for business by advertising their services, billing options, and other perks. In many ways, this works for the patient. The more they strive to compete, the better they get. Trans-star, for example, promises transportation between hospitals, from home to hospital and specific centers in Floyd and Letcher County.

Some companies are simply the leading provider for their country. Ambulance Inc works in Laurel County while there are also the Morgan County Emergency Ambulance Service and Christian County Ambulance, among others. Laurel County’s service, for example, is dedicated tot he 60,000 citizens of that area alone. It provides both emergency and non-emergency care so that it can always be relied upon. The team will take patients between facilities, provide training for students and act as stand-by coverage for large events.

Further Information About These Ambulance Services In Kentucky:

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Muster Associate INC:


Trans-star ambulance:

Union Emergency Service

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