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Buffalo – Ambulance Services

The size of Buffalo means that a fast-paced high-emergency service is essential. Community services are excellent for transportation. However, Buffalo residents need to know that they will be able to reach a hospital in the best possible time. There are two services in Buffalo, New York, which highlight this need perfectly: Rural/Metro and Mercy Flights.

Rural/Metro is a name that is seen all across America thanks to its expanding fire and ambulance service. They have a large fleet of ambulances and staff in New York state alone and are a great fit for the Buffalo area. They see themselves as a leader in 911 emergency calls because of the amount of money that has been invested in new technology. The high-tech equipment in these ambulances means that the EMTs should have everything they need to deal with the situation. This level of preparedness can make all the difference when saving a life.

Mercy Flights is a little different to Rural/Metro because they provide both land transport and an air ambulance. Air ambulances are essential in busy areas, suburban neighborhoods and rural areas where land ambulances may struggles. Mercy Flights has grown from a small organization to a big business since its inception in 1949. Their services are not limited to Buffalo, but they are still a respected part of the medical community. The air ambulance alone has transported more than 15,000 emergency patients in the west of the United States.

Buffalo’s city status also means that there is a need for other services, such as stand-by service. New York State laws have made it a requirement that all public events with an expected attendance 5,000+ have emergency medical support. This means ambulances on stand-by at concerts and sporting events across the city. Twin City have been providing this service across Buffalo at high school football games, hockey fixtures, and big city festivals. Twin City also offer a non-emergency service for hospital discharges, inter-facility transfers, and long-distance transfers. This makes them one of the friendlier faces in ambulance provision in the city.

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